Hi All! My name is Paige Robinson and my creative juices are flowing after a brainstorming sesh with my bffs Derek and Cindy. I’ve been challenged to create a unique look into what the South has to offer from the lens of interests that I cherish. My goal is to enrich, educate, entertain, and to help encourage my readers to want to branch out from the norm and to enrich their lives by experiencing for themselves the places that I feature.. STAY TUNED!


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  1. Susan Weaver says:

    Good idea! I like the title of your blog/website…very clever! This will probably turn into a best-selling book! Maybe you’ll let me join your mom, who will want to accompany you on the book tour!


    1. Absolutely! Thank you for your support! I’m glad you are joining me on the journey! 😘


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