A little taste of my favorite place 

It’s no secret if you know me that I have a crush on someone ever-morphing and revealing the beautifully restored character  within. I wish I could say that that someone was an actual living and breathing human but we’ve yet to cross paths so far. Until then, I’m laying all my love on this fair city I call home: BIRMINGHAM.

Ive been so blessed to call this place home since moving here in 2002 as a shy, deer-in-the-headlights idealist with no clue who she really was. The city and myself(thankfully) have changed exponentially since that day 15 years ago. Birmingham is back, y’all, and if you haven’t had a chance to see her in her newly emerging beauty, you’ve missed out. 

It’s no mystery that downtown Bham had been drying up: bad press and poorly managed entities were ablaze on the national level leaving many to believe the magic had died off in The Magic City. However due to organizations like RevBirmingham, among many others, the city is alive and flourishing with so much more on her horizon. 

I love to eat so restaurants/social watering holes are always my go-to for a great night out or lunch with friends/clients. These are my new favorite spots and fave entrees/beverages to try while there.

1. Moon Shine Rooftop Bar at the Elyton Hotel. The most breath-taking view, breezy outdoor rooftop experience in a 1909 restored hotel, fabulous cocktails, and small plates. Think Sex and the City posh with downtown charm and sophistication. I WILL be “The Norm” of this cool spot. Cocktails are adorned with floral garnish which had me at delivery. I had the MoonShine Daisy with Vodka, lime, soda, and a splash of grenadine for color infusion. They are known for their personal pizzas made in their stone pizza oven. They offer a specialty pie-of-the-day. Ask if Brandon is in for excellent service! They also have a downstairs resturant in-house at the Elyton as well called The Yard.  I’ll be checking this one out on Thursday evening for a little birthday celebration with my nearests and dearests. Stay tuned for details.

2. Roots and Revelry This charming modern dining hub has all of the bells and whistles of a newly-constructed modern establishment housed in a historic 1929 old hotel known as the Thomas Jefferson tower. Their twist on the classic PB&J is unparalleled with cashew butter, pork belly, and quince jam: make ya wanna slap ya momma good! The grilled kale is fantastic as is their extensive cocktail menu and seafood offerings. The terrace is the place to be after sundown under a canopy of beautiful trees with the skyline in view. Dining al-fresco is definitely the way to my heart and R&R captured a piece of it on my first visit.

3. The Atmoic Lounge is one of the quirkiest and strangest places I’ve ever been but it’s also one of the coolest and most unique watering holes as well. The odd thing is that it keeps drawing me back! The fantastic cocktail menu with cocktails named for iconic Birminghamians (the Sue Coursey is my fave) is sure to please everyone with diverse offerings as well as an extensive beer menu (which doesn’t interest me so I have no knowledge to impart) and full bar options as well. The hilarity factor is the full costume menu where you can choose to be a squirrel, shark, panda, penguin, turtle, etc as well as 4 different Elvis options. The decor is mid-century modern and they have a jungle-room hallway inspired by Elvis’ jungle room at Graceland. This place is weird and very charming at the same time and I love going with people who haven’t been yet so give me a call and let’s go.

There are many more fantastic spots in Downtown but these are my top 3 right now. Check them out! They are part of what makes me love my life as #APaigeFromTheSouth

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  1. Scott W. Owens says:

    My daughter spent her last two years in high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and loved Birmingham.

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