About Paige

hat-prPaige Robinson is a Southern girl: born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Anniston, Alabama. She was blessed to be  brought up among strong women who instilled in her values and traditions of Southern culture and appreciation for good food, family, fellowship, and community. Some of her most fond memories were church covered dish suppers and holiday meals where grandmothers would effortlessly produce a culinary masterpiece fine enough to grace the tables of royalty. Because of this influence, much of the blog will be dedicated to the appreciation of a well-crafted meal—from local dives to fine dining.

Look for travel pieces from quaint places considered hidden secrets of the South and explore for yourselves what we have to offer down here. It’s an adventure, y’all. Come along for the ride.

Paige is a former educator turned marketing/sales specialist for PMG Marketing and Technology Services. Her passions include her love for Jesus, her family and friends, socializing and connecting people, music, cooking, eating, exercising, and spending time with her 13 year-old Labrador, Ella.